About Arabeska

Arabeska Ballet School was founded in 2000 and operates in Újezd ​​nad Lesy under the leadership of Daniela Poková, a former member of the National Theater Ballet and an experienced pedagogue. Arabeska is a well-established brand with a long tradition in the Czech and international ballet environments and is awarded with a number of successes (over 160 medals). In recent years, hundreds of pupils have gone through Arabeska, some of them have enriched their lives with ballet at an amateur level, and some of them the school has prepared to study at Dance Conservatory in Prague. The course emphasizes the natural expression of the child in movement and dance and is based on the basics of classical ballet. In addition to classical and scenic dance, Arabeska teaches modern dance led by Tereza Chladová, a graduate of a private dance conservatory in Prague. All courses are designed not only for children but also for adults! 

The meaning of Arabeska is not to have a prima ballerina at home in a year or two, but to allow children to experience the beauty of dance and music enhanced by movement. They will deepen their aesthetic feeling and will be taught skills that will positively influence and enrich their lives. 

The main prerequisite for admission to Arabeska is the fact that the child is able to concentrate for an hour, is not afraid, hears music well and has a sense of rhythm. 

Ballet is a long-distance run and requires a lot of patience, diligence and enthusiasm before the first visible results. After only 2-3 years the child learns to control his body in such a way that more difficult ballet lessons can be started. To ensure that the ballet does not become a distress for the child, but a joy, the physical and mental conditions must not be missing. Children from the age of 5 are accepted, who can keep the attention in the class. 

Arabeska lessons take place in the new ballet hall, one of the most modern and largest ballet halls in the Czech Republic. It was built in 2013 and has a huge area of ​​111 m2. It is equipped with balletizol, ten-meter mirror wall, high-quality audio-visual equipment and upright piano. There is also a specially suspended floor in the hall, which provides higher comfort for dancers. 

Of course there are toilets and shower. It is possible to rent the hall at all times when there is no lesson (a smaller hall is also available). The premises are suitable for other movement lessons (yoga, various modern dances, martial arts, etc.) or for one-time rehearsals for various performances, etc. The use can be really varied. Price is by agreement. Contact us for more details.


 Twice a year there is a ballet performance at the Salesian Theater in Kobylisy. Once a month selected children perform in the Smetana Hall of the Municipal House in Prague together with professional artists. Several times a year, children take part in competitions for young amateur dancers, where they rank first. Every summer, children have the opportunity to spend a week in the beautiful surroundings of the Jizera Mountains at the ballet camp where they are waiting, in addition to daily training, many games and entertainment. Children have the opportunity to regularly attend dance workshops with leading soloists of the National Theater and weekend suburban camps.


Our teachers


Daniela Poková

The owner of the Arabeska Ballet School

ballet dancer, pedagogue, choreographer

Daniela teaches ballet groups B and C, Contemporary + graham technique, ballet for adults, exercise for mothers with children. 

She began her studies in the Czech National Ballet Preparatory school  and then continued her studies at the Dance Conservatory in Prague. After graduation she became a member of the National Theater in Prague. She collaborated externally with foreign agencies and guested in Ballet Prag. For example, she danced in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Spain, Japan, Sweden or Norway. 

She is a co-founder of the Balet-concert artistic association, where she works as a dancer and choreographer. In the Smetana Hall of the Municipal House in Prague, she performs ballet performances in concert performances such as Gala Concert Carmen, Gala Concert The Best of Classics, Bolero, Magic Flute and Slavonic Dances. 

The focus of her work, however, lies in teaching. In 2000 she founded a private ballet school called Arabeska.

Tereza Chladová, Dis.

Teaching Modern dance

 She received her pedagogical and dance education at the Prague Dance Conservatory - Taneční centrum Praha

During her studies she was a member of the ensembles Baby Ballet Prague and Ballet Prague Junior, with whom she regularly danced on large Prague stages (Estates Theater, Vinohrady Theater, New Stage of the National Theater ...), in many regional and district cities and also in the world (Belgium) , Poland, Hungary ...). She also appeared in the Prague Chamber Ballet. 

Ballet, contemporary dance, jazz or other dance styles are not alien to her and all the knowledge she gained during her studies at the conservatory, cooperation with Czech and foreign choreographers (Samuel Delwaux, Attila Egerházy ...) and workshops (Gaga, jazz, contemporary, street dance, street jazz ...) in which she participated, she is involved in the creation of choreographies and in teaching contemporary dance.